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Asbestos Testing Vancouver
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Vancouver Asbestos Testing

Once considered a “miracle” material, asbestos is now known to be a health hazard that’s present in many homes and buildings. Let our expertise put your mind at ease and your asbestos issues to rest. SAP Construction is a Vancouver based construction offering asbestos testing, sampling and removal serving the Lower Mainland & Fraser Valley. Our staff of qualified and fully trained asbestos remediation and removal professionals will get the job done.

Residential & Commercial Asbestos Testing, Sampling and Removal Services

Our experienced staff at SAP Construction Group can help you to determine if your home contains asbestos, which may occur in a variety of areas in homes built before the mid-1980’s. We’ll assess the risk and take the necessary steps – including sampling and testing – to select the most appropriate method of managing the problem, be it asbestos removal and disposal or remediation via encapsulation. You may find asbestos in a wide range of areas in your home, including:

  • Cement Pipes
  • Cement Wallboard
  • Cement Siding
  • Asphalt Flooring
  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Flooring Backing Adhesives Pipe Insulation (corrugated air-cell, block, etc.)
  • Wallboard Heating and Electrical Ducts
  • Acoustical Plaster, Vinyl Wall Coverings
  • Decorative Plaster, Spackling Compounds
  • Textured Paints/Coatings
  • Roofing Materials

The only way to tell if an object contains asbestos is by having it sampled and analyzed by a qualified professional. Until you receive the results, treat the material as if it contains asbestos. Samples should be extracted only by qualified professionals like our team at Environmental Services Group. Extracting samples can be more hazardous than leaving the material undisturbed.