About Basement Renovation Services

If you are here, it means whether you bought a new home and want to renovate your basement or are looking to address your unfinished basement finally. In both cases, Coastal Eco Construction Corp. is here to help you with its highest-quality basement renovation services in Vancouver.

Reliable Basement Renovation Contractor in Vancouver

Basement renovations can feel confusing when you don’t have anyone to guide you through the process. But fortunately, you have found us. Coastal Eco Construction Corp. will guide you through all the possibilities your basement renovation services can have, and you will choose the option that suits your taste and preferences the most. Our professional basement renovation team will also update you on every step of your project to make you feel comfortable and happy during our basement remodeling services.

Does Your Home Size Affect Our Basement Remodeling Services?

Our basement renovators in Vancouver are experienced enough and completed different renovation projects that they can help you make the most of your area with their services. From appealing income suites to game rooms, luxury home offices, storage solutions, home cinemas, and laundry rooms, we will create the basement you always wanted. Coastal Eco Construction Corp. also offers free on-site estimates to help you understand the process.

What Our Basement Remodeling Services Include?

Coastal Eco Construction Corp. is available 24/7 for basement renovation services in Vancouver. Our team is always ready for different basement remodeling projects, regardless of size. When you want us to do the basement renovations for you, you can expect us to do the following:

Drywall Installation

Our team has the experience to ensure that no matter how customized your dream basement is, every piece of drywall blends in with your entire basement renovation and has a smooth finish.

Basement Painting

The good news is that our team cannot only do typical paint jobs but can also provide specialty painting. Walls, moldings, baseboards, and more will be all primed and painted to create the perfect area you want.

Flooring & Ceiling

Our team has climate control in mind since basements are humid areas of your homes. So, we not only have a delicate and beautiful array of flooring and ceiling to offer, but our professionals also install them best to ensure they are built to last.


If your basement doesn’t have the best plumbing system, you should not worry, as we can extend it for a bathroom or kitchen.

Electrical Systems

You know that lighting plays an essential role in creating a beautiful and modern basement. So, Coastal Eco Construction Corp. decided to offer you various beautiful lighting to install for your basement renovation services.