The selection of flooring materials for your home renovation is crucial as it serves a dual purpose – functional and ornamental. It can be challenging to choose the best floorings for your renovation project, considering factors such as personal preferences, placement, and budget.

Take into account the unique characteristics of the space and select a flooring option that offers a harmonious blend of durability and aesthetic appeal. Below are some of the top flooring solutions for different areas.

Before we delve into the details, you can see a table that contains the best flooring materials and the average cost in Canada that flooring contractors provide.

Top Flooring Materials

Estimated Cost per Square Foot (CAD)

Hardwood flooring $8 – $15+
Laminate flooring $2 – $6
Vinyl flooring $2 – $8
Porcelain/Ceramic tile $5 – $12+
Engineered wood flooring $5 – $12+
Carpet $2 – $10+
Cork flooring $5 – $10+
Concrete flooring $3 – $10+
Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) $3 – $12+
Bamboo flooring $4 – $10+

flooring materials for kitchen renovations

Top Flooring Solutions for Kitchen Renovations

When considering kitchen flooring options, it’s essential to be mindful of the following factors:

  1. Safety: Given the high traffic in the kitchen, it’s crucial to choose a level and obstruction-free floor that minimizes the risk of slips and falls. Avoid slippery flooring materials.
  2. Low Maintenance: Opt for flooring with subtle patterns or darker grains, as they tend to hide dust and dirt, reducing the need for frequent cleaning.
  3. Durability: Choose flooring that is resistant to moisture and easy to maintain. Keep in mind that spills and exposure to moisture can cause wood flooring to warp and damage the finish, so solid hardwood flooring may not be the best choice for kitchen renovations.

Remember to prioritize safety, low maintenance, and durability when selecting the ideal flooring solution for your kitchen remodeling project.

When it comes to kitchen flooring, consider options such as tiling, high-quality vinyl, or laminate flooring, as these materials offer a durable finish that can withstand the rigors of everyday kitchen use. Vinyl flooring, in particular, is water-resistant, easy to maintain, and clean, making it a cost-effective choice with minimal hassle.

In addition to durability, aesthetics also play a key role in the kitchen flooring. Your flooring choice should complement and unify the various design elements in your kitchen, such as cabinetry, counters, and wall color. Consider the texture and pattern of the flooring to create an attractive and cohesive look that ties all the elements together seamlessly.

Best Flooring Solutions for Bathroom Renovations

Best Flooring Solutions for Bathroom Renovations

Consider the constant presence of moisture in the bathroom when choosing flooring solutions for your bathroom renovation project. Solid hardwood is not recommended for bathroom use due to its susceptibility to water damage, although some exceptional exotics may offer some water resistance. It’s advisable to opt for more durable materials as recommended by experienced contractors.

Laminate flooring can be a cost-effective alternative for your bathroom makeover. However, durability may vary and is often dependent on proper installation. Issues such as seams and edges can arise, and it’s crucial to use high-grade glue for securing the flooring and sealing the edges.

When it comes to the best flooring solutions for bathrooms, tiles are among the most popular choices. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, from mosaic designs to larger flooring tiles. Whether made of natural stone, porcelain, or ceramic, tiles offer versatility to suit various tastes and room designs.

Flooring options for basement renovations

Best Flooring Options for Basement Renovation Projects

A basement renovation project presents unique challenges, and flooring solutions for your project must account for factors such as high moisture levels. Some homeowners have tried using dehumidifiers or waterproof membranes on foundation walls to reduce moisture, but it often persists and can cause damage to below-grade construction elements.

Consider using a waterproof underlayment to address the moisture issue. A closed cell underpad is required for carpets to prevent moisture from seeping into the fibers, while wood flooring or laminate should be laid on a plywood subfloor with polyethylene beneath.

It’s important to avoid using solid hardwood floors in basement renovations, as moisture can cause planks to expand and contract, resulting in warping, splitting, and cracking. Solid hardwood may not provide a good return on investment, even with a dehumidifier to maintain stable temperatures.

One of the best flooring solutions for basement renovations is engineered wood flooring. Its multilayer design allows for greater expansion and contraction, making it more suitable for below-grade installation. Make sure to choose a brand designed for below-grade use and hire an experienced contractor for installation.

Other popular options for basement flooring include tiling and laminate. Some homeowners even choose to paint the concrete floor to create an attractive and functional surface. When selecting the best flooring for your basement, always keep moisture in mind and stay updated with the latest renovation ideas and trends.

Top Flooring Solutions for Family Room Renovations

Top Flooring Solutions for Family Room Renovations

When it comes to family rooms, comfort and relaxation are key considerations. It’s important to select flooring that complements the design and décor of the room and creates a warm ambiance. Some of the best options for family room flooring include:

Solid hardwood: Known for its durability and aesthetic appeal, hardwood flooring comes in a wide range of looks and styles. Homeowners can choose from exotic species like Tigerwood or Ipe, or popular domestic types like maple and walnut, to find a hardwood that suits their home.

Engineered wood flooring: Engineered wood flooring offers a similar look to genuine hardwood but is designed to withstand temperature fluctuations and provide years of service at a lower cost. It comes in various styles and can be a great flooring solution for family room renovations.

Carpet: While berber carpet has been a classic choice for family rooms in the past, it has decreased in popularity in recent years. However, a good quality berber carpet can still provide years of life in a busy home. For an eco-friendly alternative, look for carpets made with natural fibers and minimal VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Cork: Cork is a modern and environmentally friendly material that can be a great option for family room renovations. It is renewable, pleasant to walk on, and comparable in price to engineered wood flooring.

When selecting the best flooring for your family room renovation, consider the style, durability, and environmental impact of the materials to create a comfortable and inviting space for your family to enjoy.